Before & Aftercare


To properly prep for your lash appointment, please be sure to read the following instructions.

  • Please do not wear mascara, eyeliner, moisturizer, or contacts to your lash appointment. You should arrive to your appointment with clean eyes free of makeup.

  • Do not use an oil based makeup remover to clean your eyelashes prior to the appointment. Oil is a contraindication for the eyelash extension set so we want to avoid oil based products.

  • Avoid using water-proof mascara for 72 hours prior to your lash appointment.

  • If you wear contacts, you are recommended to remove them during your appointment.  The appointment can be lengthy and we are trying to avoid any discomfort while keeping your eyes closed for a long period of time.

  • Plan to enjoy a relaxing lash appointment that will take approximately 120 minutes for a full set appointment and 30-60 minutes for a refill appointment.


  • Do not get your lashes wet for 6 hours after the eyelash extensions are applied. It will affect the efficacy of the adhesive.

  • Do not use the spa, sauna, Yoga, or tanning bed for 48 hours after your appointment. The bond needs this time to cure fully with no added interference.

  • Avoid chemical peels, waxing, or laser treatments around the eyes.

General guidelines to extend the life of your Eyelash Extensions

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling your lash extensions. Allergies and shedding cycles can bring about itchy eyes and during these times of the year more frequent maintenance appointments will be required.

  • Proper hygiene is important in maintaining the eyelash extensions. Please cleanse your eyelash extensions region with oil free make up remover only.

  • After showering, please wait a 5 -10 minutes for your eyelash extensions to dry and avoid rubbing them. Then, brush them with your eyelash comb or clean and dry mascara wand. Never brush your extensions while they are wet. The hair follicles are more delicate when wet and you risk pulling your lashes out if you brush them while wet.

  • We advise for regular refill appointments between every 2-3.5 weeks to maintain the desired fullness.