How long can my extensions last?

Our TLC lashes can on average last between 3-4weeks whilst volume lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks. This is due to the differentiation of methods.

Lash Maintenance

For the very first 3 hours after application, do not let the lashes touch water or any solution base liquid and reframe from rubbing your eyes or sleep sideways on your face. If you want to use an eyeliner, please kindly use a water-based one.

Can i personally touch up fallen lashes?

Touch up is only valid within 1 week of your new lashes. The fee charged will be half the price and we will still need an hour for the application. but generally after 2 weeks, the previous glue will tend to drop off therefore we advocate a re-do.

How long does your extension take?

It could take up to 2-3hrs subjected to the quantity volume of your lash as we will be attaching strand by strand and build up to 3 layers. Please also kindly allocate another half an hour if removal is required.

How do i cancel my appointment?

Simple drop us a watsapp message at : 9758 7022