Lash & Brow Regrowth By GLASH

The only solution to Natural, Permanent, Longer and Fuller Lashes & Brows!

The Lash Chapter’s GLASH Revive Program will guarantee results on your overall lash & brow growth length in just a matter of months!

We have procured the latest technology from Germany to stimulate your hair follicles to promote natural growth of your eyelashes. The device we use is embedded with surgical stainless steel micro-needles to ensure the safety of your eyes.

We can help you achieve up to 8mm permanent lash growth!

Before & Afters (Lash / Brows)


-Strengthen hair roots so lashes / brows do not fall off easily
-Promotes longer and denser lashes
-Permanent growth
-No pain
-No side effects
-No downtime

Ingredients & Technology

The Lash Chapters GLASH Regrowth Treatment uses the latest micro needle technology to stimulate the lash follicles and strengthen the root of your lashes with our stem cells serum. The micro needling has 2 functions:

1) Clear blocked lash follicles so that lashes  and brows can regrow

2) Activate lash follicles to encourage better absorption of nutrients. The serum contact nutrients needed to prolong the life cycle of the lashes and enhance the growth in length and volume.

Our serums are safe and suitable for almost everyone, and even for sensitive eyes. Below are the list of ingredients and lab test report.



How it Works

Using a Lash Pen fitted with micro-needle, we stimulate the lash roots to clear the dead cells, unblock any clogged follicles and activate them. The serums we use consist of natural plant stem cells which help to strengthen your lash / brow roots to promote natural and healthy hair growth.