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YUMI Lash Lift Process


Your eyelashes and eye area will be gently cleansed to ensure that they are completely free of any oils and makeup residue.

To protect your lower lashes and eye area, a pair of eye masks will be applied to the area underneath your eyes. This eye mask also has brightening and moisturizing properties. At this point your eyes will be closed until the treatment is over.

Next, silicone forms will be fitted onto your upper lids. These forms come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Depending on your desired look, the correct size will be selected during your consultation.

At this time, your lashes will be ‘sculpted’ to the shape of the silicone form. This step usually takes the longest as your lashes will keep this shape for weeks after the treatment, so it’s important to make sure is lash is sculpted into the perfect position.

After your lashes are set into place, the YUMI Lashes Lift solution (2.0) is applied to your lashes, focusing on the roots. Traditional lash perms are applied to the entire lash which can dry out, weaken or even damage lashes.

Once the Lift solution has processed and been removed, the Fix solution will be applied and removed after it has finished processing.

Your lashes are now perfectly lifted, but we’re not done yet. To give them an extra boost, we will darken your lashes with a tint. Tinting can also help lashes look longer and thicker.

Once the lash tinting is completed, the silicone forms are removed with the help of the YUMI Lashes Nourish oil, and your lashes are gently cleansed to ensure that all products are removed.

Note: The tint will only last less then a week and it will gradually fade but your lashes will still be lifted. To give them that constant glossy wet lifted look, you may consider purchasing our popular YUMI Keratin Mascara here.

Finally your lashes will be brushed and the YUMI Nourishing protein mascara is applied before the grand reveal of your lashes!