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Be A GLASH Reseller

Be a GLASH Lash & Brow Regrowth reseller today and enjoy special in-salon pricing for your customers if your in the beauty line , this unique treatment makes a great complimentary service

Our complete package includes the following :


Day Serums (2 Pink Tubes) For Day Application

Night Serum (1 Green Tube) For Night Application

5 X Treatment Serums

8 FOC Nano Needle Cartridges

1 x nano lash & brow treatment pen


Usage & Origin

We have procured the latest technology to stimulate your hair follicles to encourage natural growth of your brows and eyelashes. The device we use is rooted with a surgical stainless steel micro-needles to ensure the safety of your eyes and brow area


-Fortify hair roots so lashes & brows do not fall off easily
-Encourages lengthier and denser lashes
-Lasting growth
-Zero Downtime




All serums are safe to use and is lab tested / HSA Registered And formulated in France


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