TLC Eyelash Extensions

It’s time to ditch that mascara wand….

Imagine waking up to longer, thicker sumptuous lashes that just won’t quit. A stunning transformation that could possibly help you save time in your daily makeup routine.

We offer a range of eyelash extensions for you to choose from in a variety of styles from 1 D – 6D & KIM K designs. We also offer variations in thickness, length, curl and color for a truly unique, customized look.

Lash Integrity:

Our work does not compromise the health or integrity of your own natural lashes.

Our certified eyelash extension stylist will create the perfect look to flatter your features. You’ll walk away with lashes that look like they were always meant to be there… # iwokeuplikethis


The Lash Chapter only uses high quality single strand / volume lash as they’re unmatched for comfort and quality, Since you’ll be wearing them for 4 to 6 weeks, that’s pretty important !

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