Yumi™ Lash Lift & Tint


YUMI™ Lashes By The Lash Chapter

Yumi ™ Lash Lift Treatment by The Lash Chapter is an innovative technique that increases the length, curve and thickness of your lashes; filling them in with proteins, vitamins and pigments.  A powerful alternative to lash extensions that enhances your own natural lashes. Do you know that only certified trained Yumi Lash are able to carry Yumi™ Products ?

  • The YUMI™ Lash effect lasts between 6-8 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.
  • YUMI™ Tint deposits pigment into your lashes. Wide range of tints available to enhance any eye colour.
  • YUMI Lash effect actually lasts until your lash sheds naturally.
  • Treatment takes approx. 60 mins to 90 mins and the whole process is comfortable for the client.
  • Products are not applied directly to the skin. The product is formaldehyde free and does not contain parabens or harsh ingredients. All YUMI™products are individually packaged for one time use only. We double sterilize and sanitize our tools after each use to ensure the highest standard of hygienic control.


  • ​Your own eyelash are instantly Lifted and Darken which opens up your eye !
  • Eyelashes look as though you just applied a fresh coat of glossy mascara.


    • Sleep face down, rub your eyes
    • Apply mascara after 24 hours
    • Go to the sauna , facial after 24 hours
    • Swim after 24 hours
    • Shower as per usual after 24 hours



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