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TLC Lash Lift & Tint


Enter The Lash Chapters Award Winning , Celebrity Loving Lash Lifts loved by an army of local personalities and the local community.

Here’s what you can expect from this treatment. Beneath highlights our latest collaboration with Tina Yong who talks about both our lash & brow lifts



Yumi Lash Lift Technology from France is where science meets beauty. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein present in our hair, nails,  and eyelashes. However, our lashes gradually lose Keratin due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals in cosmetics, and pollutants. Lashes also become weaker and more prone to fallout as we age. The Yumi Lash Lift products used are to replenish your lashes with Keratin in order to strengthen them, keeping them healthy, strong, and shiny.

– NO Thioglycolate
– NO Ammonia
– NO Ammonium derivatives such as Ammonium Bicarbonate
– NO Ethanolamine

Yumi Lashes effects lasts between 6-8 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash (Results do vary on individuals)

Treatment takes approx. 60 mins to 90 mins and the whole process is very comfortable

We sterilize and sanitize our tools after each use to ensure the highest standards of hygienic control


​Your own eyelash are instantly Lifted and Darkened which opens up your eyes!

Eyelashes look as though you just applied a fresh coat of glossy mascara


​Sleep face down , rub your eyes , Apply mascara after 24 hours

Go to the sauna , facial after 24 hours, Swim after 24 hrs


Product Of France


Some Of Our Works

Our signature lash lifts are loved by thousands of satisfied customers in Singapore , and we have also personally worked with Celebrities , Models & Influencers such as Jeanette AwZoe Tay, Sonia Chew , Denise CamilliaFiona FussiChantelle Ng , Felicia Chin, Ming Bridges, Michelle Chia,   Kimberly Chia , Aimee Cheng Bradshaw, Kimberly Hailey Wang, Fang Rong , Hong Ling , Bonnie Loo , Kelly Pan, Apple ChanFiona Fussi, Ann Kok, Kelly Pan , Kelly Latimer, Jean Danker , Dennis Keller , Tabitha Nauser , Mongabongand many many more! Do check out our Instagram for more awesome content

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Yes! A lash lift can complement other treatments such as those used for eyelash growth. The procedure can even be applied to control the overly curly or straight lashes as they grow longer. This way, you can give your natural lashes a uniformed look. Also, a darker tint can also be applied during the lash lift treatment in order to make your eyelashes stand out more.

No! Lash lift is an improved procedure that gently curls and lifts the eyelashes while lash perming can often give you excessively curled ‘doll-like’ eyelashes sometimes at the expense of your eyelashes looking shorter. However, the basic procedure of the two is quite similar. Both of them are used to lift your natural lashes from the root to give them a straight or curled appeal. But, lash lift uses silicone pads instead of the old-fashioned perm rollers to help lift, lengthen, and curl your eyelashes for stunning results.

No! A lash lift is not painful at all. During the procedure, you will need to keep your eyes closed to let the esthetician work and give you bright-eyed looks. The entire procedure may take around  70 minutes so it is okay to feel a bit strange to open your eyes after the lash lifting. It may even take longer if you opt to get your eyelashes tinted to enhance the results of the lash lift. If the procedure is done at home and not performed by a trained professional you may cause damage or irritation to your eyes which is why it is best done in a salon setting.

Yes! Lash lift is a totally safe procedure and it does not damage your natural lashes in any way. It involves using specially shaped silicone pads to gently lift and curl your eyelashes which is safer than other techniques. Also, by having an experienced and skilled professional perform the procedure you will ensure that you get the best results. You can even opt for a patch test of the lash lift lotion 24 hours before the procedure to see if you have a reaction to it.