TLC Pigment Removal

TLC Non Invasive Pigment Removal

Non Invasive , Painless and Effective.

ADVANTAGES: TLC’s Liquid tattoo pigment removal is considered a safe and highly effective method that does not cause serious skin damage like laser beams which can also be costly.

MECHANISM OF OPERATION: We use a special sprayer to suck the solution up and it is then applied directly on the tattoo that needs to be erased. The solution will then push / absorb the old ink color located in the dermis (or deeper) layer that gradually emerges from the surface of the skin after each application

Recommended Sessions (2 – 3 Cycles)

To see visible effective results , we recommend at least 2 – 3 cycles of our removal service to allow the colour of your old ink to be faded to its desired level.

After a few sessions the old ink stains will fade, you can then reapply a new pair of eyebrows / New tattoo without damaging or discoloring the treated skin.


– Depending on the customer’s location and the inks as well as the previous techniques used, the number of tattoo removal times will not be the same for each person.

PMU Removal (Benefits)

– Fast and effective in removing unwanted pigmentation

– Effective in removing spotted lips, pigmented lips, and spotted eyelids

– 90% effective for the first time

– No dry skin after removal

– No hair follicle damage

– Skin pigmentation removal

– No laser needed

– No special equipment required