What is TLC non laser removal? our pigment removal is an effective, all-natural, cost friendly alternative to laser.  The way it works is a hypertonic solution is implanted over your existing permanent makeup or small tattoo. Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment, and begins to lift the pigment out of the skin by osmosis.

Our solution used is a completely safe pigment removal treatment from Europe that is non invasive unlike lasers.

The treatment goes into the surface dermis layer of the skin by using a similar tattoo tool used for eyebrow embroidery  which will help extract the pigment which is embedded into the skin.

The original pigments will be absorbed though the skin and scab containing the pigment ink

The scabbing and healing process takes around 1 to 2 weeks. When the scabs falls off, more pigment ink will be extracted together with it, which will take place over a period of one to 1.5 months.

Before & Afters


Numbing cream will be first applied to treated area to ensure a painless procedure then the surface of the skin (epidermis) is roughened using a micro pigmentation device. A weak lactic acid solution is then dribbled on and massaged in. The solution seeps through the skin layers to the color pigments. The lactic acid enter the dermis skin layer. Suddenly, the skin’s immune system recognizes the pigment color as a foreign body and initiates a rejection process that can take several days, depending on the amount and depth of pigment . The rejected color collects on the skin surface in the scab and falls off after a few days.
With lasers technique , the color particles are reduced and break down in size that they are transported out of the uppermost layer of skin into the body and are therefore less visible, but remain in the body. As scientific studies show, for example by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, this can lead to long-term negative consequences.
Pinkish skin tone which indicates that the skin is healing and after complete healing.

Typical client would need between 2-5 sessions.
It will depends on the pigment intensity , molecules and depth of pigment deposited into the skin layer.

Lactic acid is specifically used to treat hyper-pigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. Lactic acid improved skin tone and reduced pore appearance and lactic acid is also considered a pretty mild solution. The clear liquid is mainly composed of a low concentration , physiological lactic acid, which occurs in a similar form in the human body.  Lactic acid in our treatment is dispersed by the body within 30 minutes of the treatment without residue. It is the the acid most often found in nature.

Keep the treated area dry!

Do not expose to sunlight!

Avoid friction! 

Do not apply after care product until the scab is fully gone.