TLC Holographic Hair tinsels a is an individual, colorful strands of sparkling silk strand that creates a dazzling look to any hair style, length, or texture and can be worn every day or customized in your hair for any special occasion.

Why not add some sparkle to your hair with the holographic hair tinsel extensions from The Lash Chapter. With an array of colors to choose from such as pink, silver, purple, gold, ocean blue , rainbow and much more, you can find the color to best suit you and your hair. If you feel like adding some eye-catching sparkle to your hair, then look no further than this fun range of hair tinsel extensions!


Wearing hair tinsel extensions are a fun addition to your normal hair look – they’re a playful way to add color and glitter to your hair without the commitment! so if you’re wanting to achieve a subtle look then add just a few tinsel extensions with us !

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Hair Tinsels Done Since 2017


After picking a shade from a book of holographic tinsel colors, we will search your hair part for a few strong strands of healthy hair.

The material is heat-resistant and chemical free, meaning you can continue using a blow dryer, curling iron, or other styling tool. And you can keep your shampoo routine, too.

Our tinsels comes in metallic and rainbow shades, lasts two months before eventually loosen and fall out.